September 2021 AGM Minutes

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Outdoor 2021 Semi-Annual General Meeting

September 18, 2021*

(*Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sept. 2020 and March 2021 SAGMs were cancelled.)

Blackburn Arms Pub-Terrace, 12:34 p.m.

Minutes of the SAGM (recording secretary: Doug Spencer)

  1. Adoption of agenda
  • Amendments/Additions:
    • Addition to agenda: proposal from Ron Palaczka to use new German Club facility
    • Motion to adopt agenda: Denis Levesque. Seconder: Ed Duncan
    • Agenda accepted


  1. Business arising from the minutes of 2020 March SAGM (See file sent with BA Update)
    1. Any questions? Corrections? None
    2. Motion to accept the 2020 March SAGM minutes
  • James Cuthill motioned, seconded by Noel Gascon. Accepted


  1. President’s report (Ray Martel)
    1. COVID chaos and fallout
    2. Last day of play / Season-end party on Oct. 2
    3. New dome at Garneau in 2021: update
    4. Succession planning


  • A) No first-place trophy or cup in summer 2021
  • Top three teams will donate at least $150 to a charity of their choice via BA Exec
  • Fourth through sixth will also donate to a charity via BA Exec
  • Trophies will be engraved with “2021 COVID Memorial Season”
  • B) Pub cannot commit to hosting a year-end banquet
    • Cannot have an indoor celebration due to COVID
    • Potential for terrace at the Arms, but space is an issue
    • Tim Tierney’s office has been helping us get a tent at Potvin in conjunction with Dominion City; they have tents too—but space an issue as well, with restrictions for consuming beer (must be seated)
    • Frank: Big concern is food. How do we proceed?
      • Bring your own food?
    • James comment: Whitewater brewing will donate kegs if needed
    • Social on field seven (SW) on October 2-final day? Only field open after noon
    • Consensus is that if things remain too complicated, it will be BYOB and sandwich on field 7 after the last games. Details will come through manager or league update.
  • C) Garneau Dome has been approved
    • Potentially coming in 2022
    • State of the art, like Louis-Riel
    • Have already requested times with school board, but no formal commitment yet
    • Further discussions to take place at Spring AGM (March)
    • Potential for slight increase in fees ($5-10 per player)



  • D) Things are spread out more, roughly 20 players involved
    • Courting people to take over the league
    • Ray is planning to end his tenure in March 2022
      • Wants to finish three special projects: Bylaws, website, critical path
    • Denis applauds volunteers
  • Motion to accept president’s report by: Ed Duncan, Seconder: Frank Lamontagne. Accepted.


  1. Financial update and statements (Brian Garson)
  2. Assets before Outdoor 2021
  3. Outdoor 2021 summary
  4. Indoor 2021-22 forecast
  5. Motion to approve financial statements



  • Have about $8k left in bank after summer season
  • Added two extra games to winter season (projected $5k deficit)
  • Should have a balance of $3-6k at end of winter
  • Keepers are needed for winter
  • Brian will post financial statement on website under Info
  • Motion to accept financial update by: Paul Gibbard Seconder: Glen Borbeley. Accepted.


  1. Other reports/updates
  2. Discipline 2021, including update on carding per team (Jared Kitcher)
  3. Uniforms for outdoor 2021 (Yanic Giroux)
  4. Uniforms for indoor 2021-22 (Mark Meng)
  5. Spares update and review (Frank Lamontagne/David Willey)



  • A) Not much to report for discipline, only one card so far
  • B) New kits coming for indoor
    • Mark Meng: At end of outdoor season, any kind of BA kit is welcomed back
      • Especially the Adidas ones
    • Wanting to switch indoor kits from Sportsphere to Adidas
    • Frank: Advise players to drop off kits ahead of time if they are away Oct. 2nd
    • Outdoor shirts go to Yanic Giroux via managers
  • D) Spares have been tough to come by this year
    • More spares needed for winter
    • Should be slightly easier with earlier games.


  1. Elections/Recruitment (see Exec-coordinator terms sent with BA Update)
    1. Nominations-election for Exec at large #1
    2. Nominations-election for Exec at large #2
    3. Nominations-election for Exec at large #3
    4. Nominations-election for Finance Cttee member



  • a) Marc-André Daoust self-nominates; Paul Stanisci seconds.
    • Vote passed
  • b) Rhys Williams self-nominates; James Cuthill seconds.
    • Vote passed
  • c) To replace Mark D’Agostino (exec at large)
    • James Cuthill self-nominates, Tom Borbely seconds.
    • Vote passed
  • d) Term is up on the Finance committee
    • To help Brian oversee their statements; three-member committee
    • Paul Stanisci self-nominates, Marc-André Daoust seconds.
    • Vote passed


  1. Other business
  2. Special motions received by email before the SAGM—None received
  3. Special motions tabled at SAGM, if majority of members agree to consider—None received


  • Sponsorship/Affiliation concerns
    • Dave Boeyen: Arms not doing much to improve support, do we consider moving?
      • Ray Martel: We have some very interested parties for the indoor season.
      • Denis Levesque: We want to do things right, however.
      • No local tap at all despite requests /No door prizes anymore.
      • Update coming in mid-October.
    • Other motion: Colin Knight moves that Doug Spencer step into some type of role next year
      • Motion to be revisited
    • Field of Dreams proposal at German Club (M-A Daoust reminded chair of the need to discuss)
      • From Ron Palaczka & Jon Paradis (are sponsoring special initiative later this season)
      • Field opens spring 2022
      • First right of refusal to move there in summer 2022
      • Implications:
        • Staggered times (only two pitches)
        • German Club would run the pub
        • Farther away for some players
        • Some are unsure about playing on turf (heat, harder surface)
        • Cost would be roughly the same
        • We could have games start earlier (9:30 a.m.)
        • Could we have two games on the grass, one on the turf?
        • Do not need to decide today
      • Mark Skinner: Having only playoffs/Cup there?
        • Doing tournament on one day?
        • Could we use it for our alternate fields too?
      • Execs are sheepish about moving the whole season there
      • Colin Knight: When do we need to decide by?
        • A few weeks out
      • Use Survey Monkey to poll the lads: have a referendum online for this
      • Has not been easy this year and others to organize our fields; frequent turnover at Hornets’ office
      • Denis Levesque: If we go for next year, do we lose Potvin fields?
        • Probably; we could ask for a year off and rebook if needed (see Bill Coleman)
      • Mark White: Could we ask German Club/Ron and Jon to put a proposal together?
      • Ray will send something more detailed from Ron and Jon within roughly a month, we will get a few specifics and go from there
        • Motion to officially entertain Ron and Jon’s proposal to move the BA either fully or partially to the German Club for summer 2022; report to full membership with full detailed offer as soon as possible and hold a league-wide vote if the idea is retained: Motion by: Ray Martel  Seconder: Howard Weingarden. Accepted.


  1. Adjournment at 1:38 p.m.
  • Ray Martel moves to adjourn. Accepted.

March 2020 AGM Minutes

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Indoor 2019-20 Semi-Annual General Meeting

March 12,2020

Hornets Nest Clubhouse, 9:45 p.m.


  1. Adoption of agenda
  • Amendments/Additions: 1)_________________________ 2) _______________________
  • Motion to adopt agenda:
    • Jared moves, Bodo seconds. Motion carried.
  1. Business arising from the minutes of 2019 September SAGM
    1. Vote to allow GKs from other teams to spare in Outdoor Cup Final: motion was passed without the proper majority (2/3), so is invalidated.
    2. Motion to accept the 2019 Sept. SAGM minutes: Bill moves, Brad seconds. Motion carried.
  1. President’s report (Ray Martel)
    1. Logo update /MailChimp vote
      1. Mark Skinner is updating the logo pro-bono
      2. Everyone who wants will get to vote on logo via SurveyMonkey in the future
  • Nine logos were presented, three will be used for the vote
  1. Website makeover
    1. Nick and Mark S. are working on revamping the website
    2. Members in attendance like the concept of having their businesses spotlighted in newsletter and on website
  • If members want to have their business featured, they are to e-mail a picture to Ray along with the description of their business
  1. New dome at Garneau in 2021
    1. Have already submitted their paperwork to the city, hoping for completion by 2021/2022 season
    2. BASL sent a letter of interest to them, with conditions, including: same night and time as current indoor league at Hornet’s Nest.
  • Issues with current dome arise from its maintenance or lack thereof. Numerous attempts to discuss this with TMSI have proved futile to date.
  1. Potential wrench in relocation is the Pub; do we look at a new establishment for indoor season?
  2. Denis will lead a group consisting of James and Askar to discuss incentives with Brennan at the Arms; members are concerned there are no real incentives to go to the BA following indoor games, save the odd plate of nachos.
  1. By-law adoption process: speak up or hop on
    1. Need to be officially approved by membership before they come in to effect
    2. By-laws will be posted for a specified period on the website for all members to review
  • Process will be “negative billing”: if you have issues with the by-laws speak up or hold your peace.
  1. Stepping down in Sept. 2020
    1. Ray would like to step down as of March 2021.
  1. Financial update and statements (Brian Garson)
  2. Summary for indoor 2019-20
    • $9k in a slush fund currently
    • $5k has been allocated for a future equipment refresh
    • Idea brought forward to use a portion of this to get goalie equipment (gloves, shirts etc.)
    • Indoor 2019/2020 field fees were raised, but no increase to registration. Deficit offset by summer 2019 surplus
    • TeamSnap: can we explore adding scores via the app to make things easier? What would the cost of adding this function be?
    • Motion: goalies to play for free, spares have their registration waved (both seasons)
    • Frank moved, James seconded.
    • Spares for free, maybe full timers pay
    • Would this increase a deficit?
    • Bodo doesn’t mind paying the keeper fee, appreciates that spares could play for free
    • Modified motion: pay EODSA fee for spare keepers
      • Spare keepers do not pay/play free for one year.
        • Frank Lamontagne motioned. James Cuthill seconded. Motion carried.
  1. Budget forecast for Outdoor 2020
  2. Motion to approve financial statements
    • Finance report adopted; motion carried unanimously.


  1. Other reports
  2. Discipline Indoor 2019-2020, including update on carding per team (Jared Kitcher)
    • One suspension this indoor season, cards are at 8-9, usual levels.
    • Cards are distributed evenly amongst the teams
  3. Uniforms Outdoor 2020 (Steve Cock)
    • Mark Meng will take over the job of gathering all the shirts. Will consult with Steve to order new indoor shirts for 2021-2022. Mark will be winter coordinator.
    • Last summer (2019) was a poor year for shirt returns
    • Looking for someone to take over summer management (see below)
    • Steve will ensure we have enough to handout for the summer
    • Light blue from last summer is no longer being made by Adidas
    • Yanick Giroux will step up and be new kit coordinator for the summer
  4. Spares update (Frank Lamontagne/David Willey)
    • Players not putting in their TeamSnap availabilities
    • Unsure if people are not using TeamSnap
    • Spares are unresponsive
    • Exec and spares managers are mandated to look at ways to tweak the spares bylaw so that spares get the maximum bang for their buck, specifically:
      • Motion: Bylaw should be rewritten to allow the spares manager to invite a spare to attend, and then the spares manager would assign them to a team based on their discretion.
      • Steve Cock motioned; Brian seconded. Motion carried (2/3rd received).
  1. Elections/Recruitment
    1. BA Exec and coordinator terms of office file sent to all on March 5-6
      1. Frank Lamontagne elected as an executive at large (well, Frank is 6’4’ and has worked as a bouncer, so maybe it should be “executive at very large”).
      2. Jared Kitcher re-elected as chair/lounger of the Discipline Committee (DC); no cards or fouls involved.
  • Mike Tourond re-elected as discipline officer on the DC, but only for on-field matters, not behaviour at the pub.
  1. Brian Garson re-elected as treasurer/registrar/refund regurgitator.
  2. Ray Martel re-elected for one-year term as president and chief obfuscating officer.
  1. RECRUITMENT: Mark Meng and Yanic Giroux appointed as uniform fashionistas for the indoor and outdoor seasons, respectively and with respect; Yan is proposing something with frills for 2021; Mark is suggesting armpit holes for better breathability. Fun times ahead.
  1. Other business
  2. Special motions received by email before the SAGM
  3. Special motions tabled at the SAGM, if majority of members present agree to consider them
    • Motion: Allowing spare keeper from another team to fill in during the outdoor Cup final should a team be in need due to injury, work, or family duties, as long as there are no spare keepers available. Frank Lamontagne motioned.
    • Could we have a spare keeper already lined up if they needed one?
    • Modified Motion: emergency goalie for Founder’s Cup (outdoor tournament) final to be named by executives – Matt DaSouza moved, seconded by Bill Coleman. Vote: Passed by 2/3rds
  1. Adjournment at 11:40 p.m.
    1. Motion to adjourn: Frank Lamontagne, seconded by Jared Kitcher. Motion carried.